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7 considerations when purchasing a crib mattress

Your crib mattress is an important part of your baby's sleep system. It is important that you understand what makes one mattress more desirable for your baby than another. Let's have a look at a few factors to consider when you are shopping around.

1. Seams. There is no compromise for safely sewn seams on a properly constructed crib mattress. Not only do quality sewn seams created a high-quality product that will last for generations, but it is also an important safety consideration. Any loose or poorly constructed seams could be pulled on and become hazardous for your child. All seams should be tight around the corners. You should check for loose strings right out of the box, and recheck periodically. 

2. Corners. Crib mattresses will either come with squared or circular corners. The corner type you choose should ensure the mattress fits tightly in the crib without any corner gap. Any gaps in the corners could become potentially hazardous when an unsuspecting limb falls through.

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3. Water resistance. Accidents are commonplace in a crib. Therefore, you should ensure your that your mattress is constructed of water and odor resistant material for ease of cleaning. Check mattress reviews for water resistance tests. When water touches the mattress, it should bead up and sit on top of the mattress rather than absorb into it. A high-quality water-resistant mattress combined with a mattress protector will ensure a clean sleep for your child.

4. Fire resistant chemicals. Cheap, low-end mattresses will often use chemicals to make their mattresses fire retardant. The most common chemicals are 

Antimony, Boric Acid, and Halogenated Flame Retardants (HFRs). These chemicals potentially emit harmful odors linked to possible health concerns. High-end mattresses will use natural fire-resistant materials woven into the mattress rather than chemicals. 

5. Foam construction. Foam is a perfect material for a crib mattress because it is lightweight, and can be made very comfortable. If you have ever had to remove a mattress several times in a night for cleaning, you'll know why lightweight material is important! However, you should ensure your foam mattress is made from all natural plant-based materials. Cheap low-end foam mattresses will be made from petroleum-based products that can emit noxious and harmful odors.

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6. Breathability. To avoid heat retention, and increase airflow, a crib mattress should be made out of breathable material. This will increase the quality and quantity of your child's sleep. A mattress should quickly return to room temperature after a heat source is removed. Always check reviews for a better idea of a mattresses breathability. Generally speaking, a high-quality foam mattress will be the most breathable.

 7. Dual sided. Did you know that a standard crib mattress fits a toddler bed? Having a dual sided mattress, firm for an infant, and softer for a toddler, increases the value of your purchase by not needing to upgrade your mattress later on. Whenever possible, look for a quality dual sided mattress, and your purchase will serve you well for many years.

When deciding on what crib mattress to purchase, you should have quality in mind. A poor quality mattress can be unsafe, unhealthy, and reduce the quality of your child's sleep.

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